Our organization operation is based on the democratic system. This is expressed by the vote of our members. Unic allow the vote by proxy. The proxy vote is limited to one by member.

Each term of the offices last four years.

Our internal democratic system is applied to the designation of Unic’s leaders and in the designation of our candidates for the future elections.

Unic’s militant would be consulted for the designation and the grant of elective mandate. Candidate designation is subject of our internal rules and procedures.

Organization structure

Unic organization is based on a national entity and a provincial entity.

The national entities of Unic are:

  • The Congress
  • The National Council
  • The political Office

Unic board is composed of:

  • Territorial Committees
  • The Committee of orientation and National Secretaries
  • The Secretary-general and assistant secretaries-general
  • The President and the Vice President associates


Unic organization includes different entity according to the country’s administrative body:

  • National
  • Provincial
  • Territorial
  • Sectaries
  • Rural community
  • Village

National Board direction

The Congress

The Congress is the General Assembly of Unic.

It is constituted of:

  • the board of founders
  • the members of the national council
  • the members of the political Bureau
  • the parliament members of the movement
  • representatives of the movement abroad
  • former presidents of movement
  • representatives of each provinces – cities – county – territories
  • the representatives of Unic into the government
  • representatives of affiliated associations
  • all members up to date with their contribution

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The national Council

  • The national Council include:
  • the President and the deputy Vice-president of Unic
  • the Secretary-general and assistant Secretaries-general
  • the national Treasurer
  • members of Parliament and Senate
  • members of the Government in exercise
  • former ministers
  • presidents of general and provincial council and mayors of all cities with over 50,000 inhabitants
  • presidents and secretaries of the provincial committees and presidents of Territorial committees
  • representatives of the “associated partners” and particular federations, selected according to the number of their members, under conditions defined by the Political Bureau, and subject to direct and personal adhesion of these representatives with Unic
  • delegates of the provincial federations elected by their local members, according to the rule defined by the Political Bureau

The Political Bureau

The political Bureau is composed of :

  • a President
  • an Associates Vice-president
  • a Secretary-general and deputies Secretaries-general
  • the national Treasurer
  • of 30 members elected by the National Council, under conditions defined by the Rules of procedure
  • former ministers and the ministers in exercise
  • presidents of parliament, and the president of parliamentary groups in the Parliament and in the Senate
  • former Presidents of Unic, and for three years, the presidents of the political formations constituting Unic in its creation
  • members of Government adhering to Unic but not belonging to the Political Bureau, can assist in the committee meeting without voting right.

The political bureau is responsible for all its acts. It report to the National Council which, in turn, report to the Congress.

The political bureau makes all decisions and delivers its opinions on all the questions or important matters raised by the President.


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Provincial committees

The basic territorial unit of Unic is the legislative district. Each territory or groups of territories is organized in a territorial federation.

Other sections of Unic can be also constituted:

  • on the basis of electoral or territorial administrative district territorial (province, localities, communities, county, countryside), after agreement of the concerned provincial committee. The provincial committee is responsible of the coherence of their local organization. They inform the political bureau.
  • at the national level on a base of specific social group: professional, worker, student, community or in the Internet network, by decision of the Political Bureau, each section is represented by a committee within Unic.

The legislative district’s committees and the provincial committees include:

  • by law members include Government members, Parliament members, provincial counselor, general advisers, mayors, deputy mayors of the cities with more than 10,000 inhabitants, presidents of cooperatives entity with cleared of any tax issue and territorial treasurer.
  • elected members by their local members under conditions fixed by the Unic Rules of procedure. The number of elected members is twice of the number of the bylaws members. A committee cannot be composed of less than ten members, elected or bylaws members.

The provincial committees bureau are composed of regional sub-committees.



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